Xiaomi to hike price in India due to coronavirus

Xiaomi is expected to hike the prices of Redmi 8A Dual and Redmi 8 in India as per the latest news and current market trends.

Redmi 8A Dual whose original price is 6,499 is expected to increase to 6,999, Redmi 8 whose original price is 7,999 can increase up to 8,499 and Redmi Note 8 whose price was 9,999 has also risen to 10,499.


Thus prices of these Xiaomi phones can increase by 500 rupees. Now the question arises what’s the reason behind this and who to blame. The main reason behind this all is Corona Virus. Due to this, there is a disturbance in import and export, so the prices of spare parts have risen up and also there may be a shortage of these products in the future.

Coronavirus Concerns

Coronavirus has claimed over a thousand lives in China as well as has actually been proclaimed a global emergency situation by the World Health Organisation (WHO). China is the globe’s greatest manufacturing center and also coronavirus has affected the production of lots of gadgets, consisting of the rumored iPhone 9.

A Xiaomi representative told, “Business is crucial however the worth of human life is the most significant top priority for the firm. We are continuing to take on all actions to ensure the security of our partners as well as workers as well as to continue to review the situation in real-time. The extended closure in China is likely to have an effect on our supply chain and there is a risk of influence on the total quantum of part materials. While we are functioning to check out alternate supply channels for components as well as basic materials, the prompt effect is that the short supply may trigger some negative stress on the prices of these elements. This has actually caused the rise in the price of the item [Redmi Note 8] momentarily. We apologize for the hassle.”

Coronavirus has inflicted mayhem worldwide, however, China is the worst affected by it as its Hubei province was the factor of beginning for the illness. As far as its result on the technology sector goes, coronavirus has caused a number of significant brands, such as Vivo, Nokia, Intel, as well as Amazon, to pull out of the Mobile World Congress 2020, the biggest tech program of the year.

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