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Hey guys !! I hope you all are doing well. Welcome to my website To read my previous blog on Time Travel , click here. Today I am going to share few ways on “How to Improve Yourself”.

There is no way to improve yourself unless you really feel the urge to establish something great in life . You cannot improve yourself within a day or a night. Those who say “How to improve yourself within a day” is completely bullsh*t.

Improving oneself needs a lot of hard work and dedication . There is a very beautiful saying “Rome was not built in a day “.

In this blog post , I am going to share 15 effective tips on “How to Improve Yourself” . Don’t read this if you are not going to follow these tips because just reading them will not help you in any way. Try to apply at least one tip to see the change.

And to know How and Why should you improve yourself , watch this video.


1. Read a lot || How to improve yourself

This is one of the most important tip to improve yourself . Books are the best source of knowledge and wisdom.

Read as much as you can. You can start with fiction books to build up your interest and then continue to autobiographies and informative books. For the list of must read books , click here.

Also read newspaper daily to be aware of the happenings in your surroundings.

2. Join a course || How to improve yourself

Joining a new course is one of the best ways to enhance your skills. This need not to be a long term course , it can be short term course or workshop or any internship.

This will boost your confidence as well as increase your knowledge.

3. Quit a Bad habit || How to improve yourself

how to improve yourself

Everyone in this world , even the greatest of the greatest person has atleast one bad habit.

It can be nail-biting , smoking , over-sleeping , procastination etc.. 

It takes only 21 days to build or quit a habit , take the 21 day challenge to get rid of your bad habit.

4. Build a new habit || How to Improve yourself

You can build many good habits like – reading , waking up early , gyming and many more. Take 21 day challenge to cultivate a new habit . It need not be something big , it can be as simple as reading a informative blog.

5. Have a Good company || How to Improve Yourself


You are average of the 5 people you spend the most time with – Jim Rohn

Choose people around you wisely . Befriend people who inspire you instead of dragging you down. Already life is full of negativity , so to cope up have some good friends who can influence you positively.

6. Don't get influenced-

Now a days people specially teenagers think that its cool to smoke , drink and party , so they start doing this regularly just to look cool in their group. But No , it is not cool instead it is hazardous to your health.

So don’t get influenced by people and bollywood movies unless it is positive for you.


7. Join the 5 A.m. club -

how to improve yourself

Average people wake up just 1 hour before their office and that’s the reason that they are average. Most of the people who have office at 9 am , get up at 8 am and then rush to their work.

Now just imagine , if you wake up at 5 am then you have 3 extra hours to excercise , to read and to do many stuffs . This makes people extraordinary . I know that its too hard to wake up at 5 am but you can start waking up half an hour early each day. 

And the most important thing , go to bed early at night . Waking up early does not necessarily means reducing your sleep time , 8 hours of sleep is essential for your body and mind.

8. Start Exercising -

A sound body keeps a sound mind.

Start exercising , for this you can join a gym , start yoga or even you can join some sport class or dance class.

Exercising has many benefits like – improves sleep , boosts stamina , decrease stress level etc..

How to improve yourself

9. Eat healthy food -

How to improve yourself

One should always eat healthy food , eating healthy means consuming each vitamin and mineral in right amount . 

Eating healthy food has so may benefits –

*Reduce cancer risk

*Improves heart health

*Better mood

*Improves memory


10. Minimise social media usage

An average human spends 3-4 hours daily on his mobile phone . Spending 3.5 hours a day on mobile means 3.5*365 = 1227.5 /24 = 53 days on phone in a year.

Now you can imagine how much time we are wasting on these social media apps. I would not ask you to quit social media because in this era of digital world , there is a strong need to be active socially. Just limit your mobile usage to a certain limit. To track your mobile usage , there are many mobile apps such as – Yourhour , self control and many more..

11. Balance career and relationships

There is a strong need to draw a line between your personal and professional life . Never let your emotions control your professional life . You have to choose one priority out of your relationship and career and according to me career should be your topmost priority because if you dont have a good career , nicest of the nicest person may leave you one day.

To know how to balance both career and relationship , visit here.


12. Stop watching TV

TV programs these days are full of dramas and useless stuffs . There is hardly anything that you can learn from this , so it is kind of waste of time.

Yes you can watch some good shows for entertainment for a limited period of time , but you should watch more good channels like – Discovery , news channels..

13. Take a break

how to improve yourself

Set up short term goals and reward yourself with chocolates , games or anything that you like after achieving your goals. This will motivate you to complete your goals. Take a break after working too hard.

For example – If you are working continuously 6 days a week , then take a break on the 7th day and do whatever you like on that day. 

14. Learn a new skill

Try to learn a new skill online. It can be any computer language such as python , digital marketing strategies or any skill that interests you. 

There are many youtube channels that provide free online courses , you can learn from them.

15. Solve Sudoku

Solving atleast one sudoku a day is a good way increase your problem solving skills .You can start from easy level and then increase the level with time. It can also help in increasing your IQ level.

It will be hard for you at first but with passing time you will love solving it. It also enhance your reasoning ability.


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