Time travel : Is time travel possible ??

Time travel

                                               Time travel 

Ever thought what if you could go to the past or future !! I am sure that each of us has thought about this at least once in life , no wonder astrologers are earning in lakhs or millions . Thus time travel is going back into the past or forward in ,  the future.

This has been the most fascinating and popular topic among scientists and even among people since ages . Most of the people believe that “Time is a constant” , but Albert Einstien  used to say that Time is an illusion . According to him , time is the fourth dimension of this universe .

Time travel

According to Einstien theory of relativity , time slows down or speed up according to the situation . He said: 10 seconds feel like an hour on burning stove while 1 hour feel like 10 seconds with a girl .

Now the question arises , 

                                         Is Time Travel Possible ??


Time travel


Even according to Hindu religion , time travel is possible . There is a quite interesting story behind this belief .

Time travel

Balrama , the elder brother of Lord krishna had a wife who had could time travel . Her name was Revathi . Revathi and her father went to lord Brahma to ask for a groom . AS Brahma was busy so they waited 4 seconds. After coming , Brahma said “OH dear , you have already spent 4,00,000 earth years , now when you return back all your relatives and known people have passed away but do not worry there is a very suitable guy waiting for Revathi !”

When they returned home , everything had become shorter . This is the reason Revathi was taller than Balrama but Balrama shortened her with his superpowers.


In today’s world , a lot of scientists believe that YES time travel is possible and we can travel in future . This is based upon the Einstien theory of relativity . According to this if we travel at speed almost equal to that of light then Time Dilation takes place.

Time Dilation –


 If a person is 25 years old and he goes in space with speed equal to 90% of light and then he returns back to earth after 5 years , may be 50 years would have passed on the earth and he would still be 30 years old . Thus in 5 years of travel , he is 50 years ahead on the earth.

In the same way travelling to past is also possible only if we can travel at the speed of light . 

But is it possible to achieve speed of light ?? NO it is not possible as per the current laws of physics . This is the reason that most of the scientists believe that we cannot travel to past while travelling to the future is still possible to some extent if we upgrade our technology .

Also there is another reason due to which it is considered almost impossible to travel in the past i.e. Grandfather Paradox.

Grandfather Paradox –

It is problem which comes in the way of time travel to the past . Let us understand it with an example –

Consider a person named “Alex” who lives with his grandparents , parents and children . He decides to travel to the past one day and he travels to the era of his grandfather when he was unmarried. Let us imagine that he does not like his grandfather so he killed him in past. 

If his grandfather would have been killed in the past by Alex then how would Alex be born. This is contradictory to the existence of Alex.

This is called The Grandfather Paradox.


Scientists proposed many methods to solve this grandfather paradox. To know the solution of grandfather paradox , click here.

Also there are many stories – I dont know real or fake , that are associated with the time travel . Some of the time travel stories that I like are –

                                           Stories of Time Travel 

The mysterious man from Taured –

Time travel


In 1954 , a man was having problem with his customs on the Tokyo airport , Japan. He had an arguement with the custom agent and no he did not forgot to declare something on his custom form but because he claimed to be from a country that did not even exist . Not only this , he had stamp and passport to prove it.

He claimed to be from a country name “Taured” which he said is between Spain and France but there was no such country there.

Due to this mystery , he was given a hotel room and armed forces were deployed outside his room. But the man vanished in the morning , not only him but also his passport which were kept in security office vanished with him. That man could never be found again.

John Titor –

Time travel


In november 2000 , there came a man named “John Titor” who claimed to be from the year 2036 . He said that the government sent him to the year 1975 to retrieve an IBM computer which they needed in future. But due to some problem in his time machine , he landed in the year 2000.

He claimed many things about the future but most of the things he claimed came out to be untrue . But people believed him at that time because his stories were too detailed to be fake.

After that the man disappeared for forever and was never seen or heard again.

There are many theories of time travel . Even the most reknowned physicist Stephen Hawking claimed before his death that time travel can be possible through the black holes.

Thus till now we can conclude that As of today , time travel is not possible . Its a science fiction which has fascinated a lot of scientists , the reason it has a lot of theories. 

I am sure one day we will progress much to crack this mystery and no one would be much happier than me if time travel is for real. 

Till then watch Doraemon and sci-fi movies




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