Affiliate Marketing : How to earn online?

To know why you should go for affiliate marketing , read this.

Imagine getting up at 8 am and rushing to the office that starts at 9 am . Then you get stuck in traffic , so you reach late at the office and your boss is shouting at you .

Sounds terrible ??

Now just think what if you could earn anytime and anywhere without having any boss to shout at you . This is exactly how you can do affiliate marketing , you can even earn while sleeping peacefully in your bedroom.

What is Affiliate Marketing ?

Affiliate marketing is the oldest and widely used method of digital marketing to earn online. In this , you refer product or service of some company or brand to any third person , when they buy that product or service then you get commission for the same.

You can earn commission varying from $1 to $10,000.

How Affiliate Marketing Works ?

  • Join an Affiliate Program by signing in to an affiliate network.
  • Pick up a product that you want to promote and copy the link of that product which will be provided to you by the website itself.
  • Now share the link to different platforms such as Website , Instagram , Facebook , What’s app etc..
  • Whenever someone makes a purchase from your link , you will get some percentage of revenue for the sale of that product.

Parts of Affiliate Marketing :

Affiliate Marketing Process
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Affiliate Marketing works by spreading responsibilities among different people or parties , so there are usually three parts of affiliate marketing. In other words,it takes three parties or persons to do this business i.e The creator , the affiliate or advertiser and the consumer. Let’s discuss the parts of affiliate marketing in detail :

1. The Merchant or Product Creator :

The seller or product creator can be a large entreprenur , a single person , vendor or any small retailer with a product to market . The product can be an object such as clothes , shoes , watches etc or it can be any service like electrician , plumber .

Seller may or may not be included in the marketing of the product , he just needs to hire a marketer or an affiliate to market his product or service.

2. The Affiliate or Marketer :

The Affiliate may be a single person or a company who promotes the product of marketer to its potential customers . Affiliate must have some audience to sell the product or service , he/she may use blogging or social media to get the customers.

And whenever a customer buys the product through the affiliate , he gets some percentage of the revenue as commission from the seller.

The Consumer :

This process is incomplete without consumer , in fact consumer is the most important part of affiliate marketing.

Product creater and Affiliate share the profit of the product bought by the consumer. Consumer may or may not be aware of the thing that he is the part of this process. In either way, the consumer is paying more for the product so that the product creator and the affiliate can share their profits.

How do Affiliate Marketers get paid?

As this is a quick and flexible way to increase your income , so it has drawn the attention of many people until now. But how does the affiliate gets paid after convincing a customer to purchase the product or service ?

In fact, it’s not necessary for the customer to really buy the product , there are different ways in which affiliates get paid :

1. Pay per Sale –

This is the standard way to do affiliate marketing. In this , product creator pays some percentage of revenue to the affiliate when the customer buysany product or service through affiliate marketing strategy.

2. Pay per Lead –

This is a more complex way of affiliate marketing. In this affiliate has to persuade the customer to visit the merchant’s website to do the desired action – it can be filling the contact form , signing up for trial , subscribing or downloading of any file .

3. Pay per Click –

In this method , the merchant wants to increase traffic on his website . So the affiliate has to redirect the customer to merchant’s website from their marketing platform.

Affiliate has to work in such a way that customer goes from marketing platform to merchant’s website. Affiliate gets paid on the basis of web traffic on merchant’s website.

How to do Affiliate Marketing ?

Now I am supposing that you are aware of basics about the affiliate marketing which I stated above.

Most of the aspiring affiliate marketers get overexcited and directly sign up for every affiliate marketing network they can find without having proper strategy and plan. And in the end , they get disappointed .

Don’t be like them.

Here I am sharing a few steps that every aspiring affiliate marketer should do before signing up for any affiliate marketing program.

So have some patience and read these steps carefully :

Select a Niche :

Niche means selecting a particular topic , for example : Health , Technology , Food etc. For most of the people , selecting a niche is the hardest part of doing business. Keep the following things in mind before selecting a niche :

  • Choose something you are passionate about.
  • Huge monthly traffic.
  • Less competition
  • Check if it can be monetized.

Start a Blog :

Now when you have selected a suitable niche , buy a website. As per my personal experience , I would reccommend you to buy web hosting and domain from Go Daddy.

Also, WordPress is the best platform to start a blog , you need not learn to code for this.

If you do not know even basic about blogging , read “How to Start a blog “

Create content on your website :

Now as you have created a website and selected a profitable niche , you have to create quality content on your website.

Most of the affiliate networks will not accept your proposal until you have enough quality content and monthly visitors on your website.

By this , I do not mean to say that you should have 100’s of blog posts , but yes you should have at least 5-6 blogs on your website to get started for a career in affiliate marketing.

Drive traffic on your website :

You need to have enough traffic on your website to get started with affiliate marketing. Some of the ways to drive traffic to your website are :

  • Promote on different social platforms
  • Write catchy headlines
  • Do effective On-Page SEO
  • Get quality backlinks.
  • Start guest blogging.

You can track traffic on your website through free tools such as Google Search Console , Google Analytics and Monster Insights.

E-Mail Marketing :

E-mail is still the no. 1 tool for marketing. Start building your E-Mail list today . You can build your email list through data scrapping or you can also buy data about your targeted audience from selling companies .

Now when you have data , you can shoot campaigns . This method has been proved to be very useful for converting customers.

Join an Affiliate Marketing Network :

Joining an affiliate marketing network is the most important part of this business. It acts as a mediator between the product creator and affiliates. Signing up on any affiliate network as an affiliate is always free.

Some of the popular affiliate networks are –

  • ShareaSale
  • CJ Affiliate
  • ClickBank
  • Amazon Associates

In this way you can earn online through Affiliate Marketing . Also check my other blogs – Top MBA Colleges in India , Self-Improvement Tips and Time Travel.

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